Someone Said

This band seems to have the right ingredients of talent and evil mischief up their beer-soaked sleeves, and that combination puts a cynical smirk on my face.
- John Pfeiffer, The Aquarian Weekly, Feb 16, 2011

If Minor Threat's Ian Mackaye did drugs you'd have something close to Ben Franklin.... I can't wait til Urgency comes out. Title track is an evolved Ben Franklin.
- Zac Clark, Rocker Tycoon blog, Jan 18, 2011

What I mean to say is: the crowd freaked out.... A small girl got up on stage and just jumped.
- Steve Ferrara, Forget The Box, Nov 24, 2010

Ben Franklin is an awesome rock 'n roll punk band from Brooklyn you do not know, but hopefully soon will. With hooky, guitar driving melodies, and punky chords with urgent political, in-your-face lyrics, this trio is ready to make a fuss.
- Star Morales, Star Beat Music, Sept 28, 2010


  • Thanks, and Goodbye

    Dear friends, last night’s show at the Brick City Sound Riot in Newark, NJ was amazing. It was a fantastic event, the bands were truly incredible all weekend long. Our friends at Spillpeak and GhostTrain who organized and staffed it deserve praise and accolades, you just don’t see an event like that come together very [...]

  • Wave of the Future

    Alan Smith of The Porchistas got in touch with me in the lead up to Hurricane Irene looking for this tune. “Wave of the Future” is a song I wrote for The Meltdowns, a band that Adam and I used to be in, and in this iteration of the band (the final and best one) [...]

  • Brick City Sound Riot! Our Last Show w/ Sarah!!!

    So all Summer our dear friends at Ghost Train PR and Spill Peak Media, in conjunction with the Tiny Giant Artist Collective have been working their asses off to put together a two-stage, three-day music festival featuring some of the best local music acts from the area, the Brick City Sound Riot! We’ll be playing [...]

  • Friday: Led into the Lanes!!!!!!!!

    We are rolling in to Asbury Lanes in something like, uhh, 20 hours! Or so. We’re playing at The Amboys’ release show for their new EP, Led Into the Woods, and I’m really excited about it. Great band, looking forward to hearing all the new tunes and seeing them live, it’s a rad funky show, [...]

  • Tuesday: A Night to Fight at Mercury Lounge

    Dear friends, we’re playing a special show this Tuesday night, August 16th, at Mercury Lounge in NYC. In this reminder post let me recount what’s so freaking special: Yours truly, Ben Franklin, has OUTFITS! Costumes you could even call them. It’s a start down the path of getting weirder and weirder as we relax our [...]

  • Summer Shows! EP Releases and Municipal Mischief

    So we’re doing a couple of shows this Summer, despite that whole no-shows thing. The idea was that it was high time for us to stop trying to put together our own shows for the next few months, as we’re not a headliner, and work on our act and wait for something good to come [...]


Jul 15 at The Beachcomber The Jersey Shore
Music Is The Medicine w/ The Amboys
Aug 16 Mercury Lounge New York, NY
Benefit w/ The Everymen for a friend and MS victim, details TBA
Sep 18 Brick City Sound Riot Newark, NJ
A three-day festival of local bands!
Oct 08 STPP Music Festival Washington, DC