Benjamin Franklin Facts That You May Not Know

There are many great little-known facts about Benjamin Franklin that are fascinating. I’ve collected some of the more interesting ones and put them all in this little list below.

Benjamin Franklin was a witness to the famous play “The King’s Speech.” I wonder what he thought about it. He probably must have been impressed with its plot and won’t be saying too much about it.

It’s been said that Benjamin Franklin had a problem when writing his own name. Like so many other people, he liked to write his name and have his name spelled in the first person. He was not alone in that regard. There are a number of famous people who like to use the first person for their signature as well.

The general idea of the postal service is that it allowed letters to get faster and cheaper. Benjamin Franklin became the postmaster of the new city of Philadelphia. He had the best building at the time and he was able to implement this process to perfection.

Benjamin Franklin was a friend of George Washington. He sent him some things on his last day in office. Those items included a watch and some coins.

When you go to a store, ask the sales assistant to hand you a business card. If you get it right away, it’s a nice touch.

The first type of debt to be forgiven by Franklin was a legal one. He was a lawyer who represented clients who couldn’t pay their debts.

Did you know that the first statue Franklin made was a statue of himself? It still stands today.

In an effort to bring down the costs of banking in America, Benjamin Franklin introduced the banking act. This act eased up on people when it came to getting loans.

Benjamin Franklin had a lifelong fascination with music. He played an instrument on the violin and learned to play piano. Franklin wrote a piece of music entitled “Mysteries of the World.”

A famous British scholar named John Kennedy Toole claims that Benjamin Franklin was the first person to put Washington on the map. He also says that Benjamin Franklin is the only person who can claim to have made the nation much larger.

I have only touched the surface of some of the interesting facts about Benjamin Franklin. If you’re interested in more, please see the links below.