Sep 11th, 2011

BEN FRANKLIN is gonzo rock band from Brooklyn and Jersey City, they play incendiary music with the inventive zeal of their mischievous namesake. Their music is a hyperactive whirlwind of passion, comedy, sarcasm, and farce. Post-punk colliding head-on with 70s guitar rock and a tendency to dabble in the far-out and ridiculous. Strongly recommended if you want to hear a group that draws from influences like Pixies, Rolling Stones, Guided by Voices, Dismemberment Plan, Flaming Lips, Tom Waits, and (old) Weezer singing its heart out and cracking wise.

Local Brooklyn indie music writer Zac Clark wrote of them: “Heavily involved in the music scene incredibly supportive, not to mention talented (and hey let’s throw in good looking while we’re at it) Ben Franklin is almost more of a force majeure than a rock band. That said, the crowd went bonkers for them.”

The band’s live show is just what you might expect from such a description:

“What I mean to say is: the crowd freaked out. The song, Drink to Forget, was the turning point of the night. The audience members knew the song by heart…. It came on like a storm. First there was moshing. Then the momentum grew and some people were being lifted quickly here and there. Next thing I knew, it became like an underground VFW show in 1991. A small girl got up on stage and just jumped.” — Steve Ferrara at, Nov 24 2010

Ben Franklin have caught the ear and eye of the local independent label “Killing Horse Records”:“, who put out their most recent release, URGENCY, a 7” in Feb 2011. The group self-released their first full length OPTIMIST in Sept ’09. They are currently working on a new 5-song EP to be issued on vinyl in early 2012.

The band is composed of old friends who are old hands at this sort of thing. Billy Gray and Adam Copeland (both of whom sing and play guitar) had a long past in The Meltdowns, and Adam currently helms a band named Black Water. Their bassist Eddie Garza hails from the LA punk band The OAOTs. Their drummer Sarah Tomek is a renowned and popular local session musician who tours with Hussle Club and can be seen playing multiple nights a week in NYC.



  • Adam N. Copeland, guitar + vocals
  • Eddie Garcia Garza, bass + vocals
  • Billy Gray, guitar + vocals
  • Sarah Tomek, drums + vocals

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